Fees & Insurance

The fee for EMDR therapy at Onward Healing is $200 per session.

If you are unable to afford the current fees, please contact our office to discuss possible options.

Using Insurance

Onward Healing is not “in-network” with any insurance carrier. However, many PPO plans will reimburse a portion of our fees once the deductible has been met. Clients will be charged our full session fee at the time of service. At the end of each month, we will provide a superbill to clients who wish to self-submit through insurance.  We do not process claims with insurance on the client’s behalf.

To learn more about what your insurance plan may cover, please call the customer support number on the back of your insurance card and ask the following questions for a snapshot of your coverage:

Does my PPO plan cover tele-mental health with an out of network provider?

Is there an end date to my tele-mental health coverage with an out of network provider?

Will my plan cover the following CPT codes: 90791 and 90837

Does the plan require prior authorization?

Is a modifier needed for telehealth?

Is there a limit to how many tele-health visits I can have in a year?

What is my out of network deductible?

What is my co-insurance for out of network telehealth visits?

What is my out-of-pocket maximum this year?

When does my plan year begin/end?

Why we choose not to panel with insurance.

There are several reasons we have chosen to remain out-of-network with insurance companies. First and foremost, many insurance companies dictate the type, frequency, and duration of therapy sessions they allow their members. It is our opinion that those clinical decisions should remain between therapist and patient. Secondly, insurance companies often ask for a good deal of clinical information about their members. We favor protecting the confidentiality of the treatment and your privacy.

Insurance and Telehealth

Clients must contact their plan administrator to verify that their PPO plan covers outpatient mental health via telehealth with an out-of-network provider. Clients are responsible to know the limits and specifics of their insurance coverage (including co-payment amounts and deductibles) and clients are solely responsible for any charges incurred. Please take the time to review your insurance coverage to avoid unexpected costs. We have included helpful questions above to help you when you reach out to your provider.