Cristina Deneve

About Cristina Deneve

Cristina Deneve (she/her) is a bilingual (Spanish/English), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Cristina is an EMDR-trained therapist with over five years in the field of trauma treatment.

As a therapist, Cristina understands the challenges of making life changes. Her practice is informed by her firsthand experiences of acculturation as an immigrant, which drove her to redefine her identity and transition careers. Having lived through her own traumas, Cristina brings tremendous empathy and curiosity to her work. She meets the individual client where they are and uses a compassionate approach help everyone find their strengths and talents and to (re)connect to their feelings and values. She prides herself on her cultural competence and enjoys working with diverse communities, including individuals with different political, spiritual, and gender orientations.

Utilizing EMDR therapy as her primary treatment methodology, Cristina helps individuals become empowered through reprocessing traumatic memories that have negatively impacted their life and hurt their potential. This knowledge, her education, and experience in the field, have allowed her to help others on their journey.