Danielle Ciccone

About Danielle Ciccone

Danielle Ciccone is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC 4677) in the state of California. Danielle holds a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA. She is an experienced mental health clinician and has been practicing psychotherapy for approximately 9 years in various types of clinical settings.

Danielle has worked extensively with adults suffering from addictions to substances and other compulsive behaviors, anxiety and mood disorders, PTSD and complex trauma, and relationship problems. She firmly believes that these problems stem from deep emotional and psychological wounds that originate from and become exacerbated by traumatic and adverse life experiences (which come in many forms). She is committed to destigmatizing all mental health problems, and to treating her clients with dignity, respect, and deep compassion.

Danielle has been practicing EMDR Therapy for close to two years since she began the basic training and is currently working towards becoming a certified EMDR therapist, advancing her education and skillset to deliver the most effective treatment she can. She has witnessed the incredibly healing power of EMDR therapy and has adopted this treatment model as her primary theoretical orientation, while weaving in other helpful techniques and interventions, such as mindfulness.

Danielle works with clients from all walks of life, and enjoys helping a diverse group of clients. She works hard to create a strong therapeutic relationship with each unique individual she has the honor of treating, with the understanding that this relationship is essential to the healing process.