Julia Tucker

About Julia Tucker

Julia Tucker (she/her) is Licensed Clinical Social worker (LCS 29214) in the state of California who holds a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California and a double bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Feminist Studies from University of California, Santa Cruz. She is an experienced mental health professional with more than a decade of clinical experience in a variety of therapeutic settings. Julia utilizes a holistic approach to wellness and sees mental health as interconnected with all aspects of our lives.

Julia utilizes EMDR therapy as her primary treatment modality when working with clients. She uses this specialized technique to help clients through a wide range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, stress management, job performance, relationship struggles, family of origin challenges, and understanding eating habits and the cause of weight gain or unhealthy patterns related to food.

Julia is particularly passionate about improving the mental health of birthing people and infants. She has deepened her knowledge in these areas by becoming a certified Nonviolent Parent Educator and certified Infant Massage Instructor. Julia is also certified in Child-Parent Psychotherapy and views family dynamics through the lens of how parents’ past experiences impact their relationships with their children. Using EMDR therapy in conjunction with Child-Parent Psychotherapy has been an immensely powerful tool to help clients heal intergenerational parenting patterns.

Another area of passion for Julia has been to utilize techniques of EMDR therapy to assist entrepreneurs and clients stuck in career development in processing how past experiences and current limiting beliefs impact their business opportunities. This allows clients to discover where those limiting beliefs came from, and can help them develop a new mindset that better serves their goals.